2011-09-06 03:56:02 by elya-lp

Well... few days ago i start to play Touhou 10.5 Scarlet Weather Rhapsody and i fell in love with the game :D the battles, characters, soundtrack and stuff
I have to say, this game give me a lot of ideas plus the old ideas = .... ideas XD
My brother show me a program to draw... but i sucks with the colors with any program :S
and thats all... see you soon (:


Today was a Post Day :D

2011-08-27 17:32:33 by elya-lp

Im really exciting cause i got the RHCP new album, but some reason i cant listening now... so... i wait, no problem
and now i listen this song by Those Dancing Days <3 e-dancing-days-cant-find-entrance-live

About the draws, well... i have no inspiration... u.u but i have some ideas (:
- The logo to my sister Morada
- More characters :3
- Maybe a short animation with Kupomoty and stuff

BTW thanx for read (:

Today was a Post Day :D

Level 3 rocks!!

2011-07-18 17:06:31 by elya-lp

Hellyeah! Level 3, think seriously to stay in this level, the hand rulz!!
This days im in the mood to draw again (: with the wish to be scoute someday :B
I gotta some incompletes ideas, but ideas at last :D

First post

2011-07-07 03:08:27 by elya-lp

Hey! the first post, so... i guess is time to say something (:
Long time ago, 1970, a man was painting a big house, a great one, blue.
Meanwhile... in the city, everybody was alert cause an asteroide was talking with the kids about how they gonna die and stuff, one of them stand up, and said:
But why Mr. Asteroide?
So, the Asteroide look the kid, and answer:
Because, in 1965, somebody look at me and said, i wish you were here, that wish make me cry, so... my travel to find this wish started, five years later, i can found the little green/blue planet who talk to me...
The kid just look around, then said:
And what happen?
The asteroide answer again:
Well, i found who talk to me, but, i cant found the wish, thats why i gonna destroy this planet, and make this never happen, im a perfectionist, when i know about something i can finish...
And the kid said loud:
But, Mr. Asteroide, i guess you make the wish come true!
The Asteroide look the kid one more time, but confuse, and said:
Why you say that?
Think about it - the kid said - when you arrive to this planet, our planet, all the people was afraid, the first thing they do was talk with the family and friends to know everything as well, so... i think you make the wish come true for everybody, thanks - the kid smile.
In a few seconds, the asteroide left without saying anything. All the city cant believe what they seen, a little kid save the world... unfortunately, that night the boy disappeared...

Be careful what you wish